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August 17–August 20, 2020

The schedule is subject to change. As we adjust to a virtual experience, our plan is to keep the sessions the same, which is dependent on speaker availability.

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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 101: A Beginner’s Guide to The Conference - Karen Chu & Michelle Noorali, Microsoft TBA Towards a Standardized Application Definition Model for Kubernetes - Phil Prasek, Upbound & Sudhanva Huruli, Microsoft TBA Autoscaling at Scale: How We Manage Capacity @ Zalando - Arjun Naik, Zalando SE TBA Build an Automatic Canary Release Pipeline in a Kubernetes-native Way - Michael Maximilien, IBM TBA Be a Good Corporate Citizen in Kubernetes - Dawn Foster, VMware TBA 34 Truths We Learned About Kubernetes and Edge - Saiyam Pathak, Walmart Labs & Karthik Gaekwad, Oracle TBA Improving GPU Utilization with Kubeflow and Volcano at Tencent - Lei Xue, Tencent & Da Ma, Huawei TBA Building Docker Images with Cloud Native Buildpacks - Ben Hale, VMware & Terence Lee, Salesforce TBA CloudEvents - v1.0 and Beyond - Discovery/Subscriptions - Doug Davis, IBM & Clemens Vasters, Microsoft TBA Intro to Rook: Storage for Kubernetes - Jared Watts, Upbound & Alexander Trost, Cloudical TBA Intro: Brigade - Ralph Squillace & Matt Butcher, Microsoft TBA Intro: Harbor - Enterprise Cloud Native Artifact Registry - Alex Xu & Steven Ren, VMware TBA Kubernetes Storage SIG Intro - Saad Ali, Google TBA Securing Container Delivery with TUF - Lukas Puehringer, NYU TBA SIG-CLI - Open Doors - Maciej Szulik, Red Hat TBA Network Isolation and Security Policies for Kubernetes Bare-metal Nodes - Girish Moodalbail, NVIDIA & Liel Shoshan, Mellanox TBA ClusterAPI: A Guide to Get Started - Katie Gamanji, Condé Nast TBA Startup Containers in Lightning Speed with Lazy Image Distribution - Kohei Tokunaga, NTT TBA The Kubernetes Bug Bounty Program - What Researchers and Users Need to Know - Taahir Ahmed, Google & Reed Loden, HackerOne TBA It’s a Polyglot World of Stateless Functions and Stateful Actors - Yaron Schneider & Aman Bhardwaj, Microsoft TBA Envoy, Take the Wheel: Real-time Adaptive Circuit Breaking - Tony Allen, Lyft TBA Tutorial: Getting Started With Cloud Native Security - Liz Rice, Aqua Security & Michael Hausenblas, Amazon TBA


Welcome to CloudLand! An Illustrated Intro to the Cloud Native Landscape - Kaslin Fields, Google TBA Deliver Your Cloud Native Application with Design Pattern as Code - Jun Makishi & Rintaro Sekino, NTT Communications TBA Deploying K8s to an Airgapped Data Center - Connie Wang, GE TBA Hit the Easy Button! Cloud Native Deployment for the Masses - Steve Judkins, Independent TBA Effective Kubernetes Onboarding - Kathleen Juell, DigitalOcean TBA A Hard Multi-tenancy Solution: Use Case, Challenges and Work - Xiaoning Ding & Qian Chen, Futurewei TBA Towards a Container-Native GPU Sharing Solution with Cgroup - Kenny Ho, AMD TBA Anatomy of a Kubernetes Release: Success Through Team and Tools - Sascha Grunert, SUSE & Daniel Mangum, Upbound TBA Birds of a Feather: CNCF CI Working Group - Lucina Stricko & W. Watson, Vulk Coop TBA Introduction to CNI, the Container Network Interface Project - Piotr Skamruk, Travelping & Bryan Boreham, Weaveworks TBA Introduction to Data Protection WG in Kubernetes - Xing Yang, VMware & Xiangqian Yu, Google TBA Jaeger Intro - Pavol Loffay, Red Hat & Ben Sigelman, LightStep TBA Kubernetes VMware User Group Intro: Best Practices for Running on VMware - Steven Wong & Myles Gray, VMware TBA Scaling Prometheus: How We Got Some Thanos Into Cortex - Thor Hansen, DigitalOcean & Marco Pracucci, Grafana Labs TBA Vitess Intro: How to Migrate a MySQL Database to Vitess - Sugu Sougoumarane. & Morgan Tocker, PlanetScale TBA Building the Cloud Native Telco with Network Service Mesh - Ivana Atanasova & Radoslav Dimitrov, VMware TBA Multi-cluster Management: Lessons Learnt and Best Practices - Mohammed Naser, VEXXHOST Inc. TBA Kubernetes On Cgroup v2 - Giuseppe Scrivano, Red Hat TBA Hey, Did You Hear About This New CVE? - A Vulnerability Response Playbook - Andrew Lytvynov, Independent & Alexandr Tcherniakhovski, Google TBA Cloud Event Horizon - Ian Coffey, Salesforce TBA Mutual TLS Adoption Made Simple, Safe and Secure - Lizan Zhou, Tetrate & Jianfei Hu, Google TBA


Panel: Ask Me Anything About Service Mesh - Lin Sun & Daniel Berg IBM; Christian Posta, Solo.io; Oliver Gould, Buoyant; & Sven Mawson, Google TBA Panel: App Management on K8s: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Matt Butcher & MacKenzie Olson, Microsoft; & Jian He, Alibaba TBA Live Migration of Production Workloads from Apache Mesos PaaS to Kubernetes - Maria Camacho & Gufran Lutful, Nokia TBA Escaping the Jungle - Migration to Cloud Native CI/CD - Anton Weiss, Otomato Software TBA Kubernetes? But I'm a Product Manager… - Matthew McNeeney, Pivotal & Miguel Luna, VMware TBA Lessons Learned From Building Azure Databricks Operator - Azadeh Khojandi, Microsoft TBA Is Sharing GPU to Multiple Containers Feasible? - Samed Güner, SAP TBA CNCF Research User Group - Eduardo Arango, Red Hat & Bob Killen, University of Michigan TBA Intro to Falco: Intrusion Detection for Containers - Shane Lawrence, Shopify TBA Intro to gRPC - Abhishek Kumar, Google TBA Intro: Linkerd - William Morgan, Buoyant & Tarun Pothulapati, Student/Intern TBA Introduction to Autoscaling - Marcin Wielgus & Beata Skiba, Google TBA Introduction to containerd - Phil Estes, IBM & Derek McGowan, Docker TBA Kubernetes IoT Edge Working Group: Applications at the Edge - Cindy Xing, Microsoft & Steve Wong, VMware TBA Network Service Mesh to Address Cloud Native 5G Telco Networking Challenges - Roshini Ratnam & Anders Franzen, Ericsson TBA Tracing is For Everyone: Tracing User Events with GraphQL and OpenTelemetry - Nina Stawski, Splunk TBA Running K3s, Lightweight Kubernetes, in Production for the Edge and Beyond - Darren Shepherd, Rancher TBA Panel: Security Is Not A Unicorn - Jay Beale, InGuardians; Marlow Weston, Intel; Trupti Shiralkar, Illumio; Aeva Black & Sarah Young, Microsoft TBA Stateful Serverless and the Elephant in the Room - Stephan Ewen, Ververica TBA Multi-cluster Made Reasonable: Envoy Service Mesh Control Plane - Ashley Kasim & Paul Fisher, Lyft TBA Tutorial: Introduction to Monitoring with Grafana - Marcus Olsson, Grafana Labs TBA


From Minikube to Production, Never Miss a Step in Getting Your K8s Ready - Horacio Gonzalez & Kevin Georges, OVH TBA Session: To Be Announced TBA Operating Enterprise Grade Kubernetes Clusters at Salesforce on Bare Metal - Anubhav Dhoot & Mayank Kumar, Salesforce TBA How We Migrated Our Monolith to K8s and Became a High Performing Team - Mauricio Salatino, Camunda/LearnK8s & Tracy Miranda, CloudBees TBA RTFM - Revisiting the Fundamentals of Mentoring: A Journey to Kubernetes - Guinevere Saenger, GitHub & Ihor Dvoretskyi, Cloud Native Computing Foundation TBA Go? Bash! Meet the Shell-operator - Andrey Klimentyev & Dmitry Stolyarov, Flant TBA Production Multi-node Jobs with Gang Scheduling, K8s, GPUs and RDMA - Madhukar Korupolu & Sanjay Chatterjee, NVIDIA TBA Cloud Native Policy Deep Dive - Zhipeng Huang, Huawei & Erica von Buelow, Red Hat TBA CNF Testbed: Creating a Cloud Native User Plane for an Evolved Packet Core - Taylor Carpenter, Vulk Coop & Denver Williams, Vulk Coop & Sufficient Consulting TBA Easy, Secure and Fast - Using NATS for Data Streams and Services - Colin Sullivan & R.I. Pienaar, Synadia TBA Flux Deep Dive: A GitOps Approach to Progressive Delivery - Stefan Prodan & Hidde Beydals, Weaveworks TBA Intro to the Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee - Aeva Black, Microsoft TBA Kubernetes SIG Architecture Intro and Update - John Belamaric, Google TBA Prometheus Introduction - Julius Volz, Prometheus TBA Service Discovery in Cloud-Native Environment: Introduction to CoreDNS - Miek Gieben & Yong Tang, Independent TBA Dual Stack: The Next Station to IPv6 - Antonio Ojea Garcia, SUSE & Anish Ramasekar, Microsoft TBA From Alert Notification to Comparison of Good and Bad Requests in One Click - Shreyas Srivatsan & Mantas Klasavicius, Chronosphere TBA Zero Database Downtime with etcd-operator - Tyler Lisowski & Kodie Glosser, IBM TBA Seccomp Security Profiles and You: A Practical Guide - Duffie Cooley, VMware TBA Weaving a Mesh for Multiple Clusters, Multiple Tenants, and VMs at bol.com - Remco Overdijk, bol.com & James Brook, Google TBA Is There a Place For Distributed Storage For AI/ML on Kubernetes? - Diane Feddema & Kyle Bader, Red Hat TBA


Help! My Cluster Is On The Internet: Container Security Fundamentals - Samuel Davidson, Google TBA Kubernetes Patterns - Roland Huß, Red Hat TBA How ABN AMRO Switched Cloud Providers Without Anyone Noticing - Mike Ryan, backtothelab.io & Laura Rehorst, ABN AMRO TBA Going Beyond CI/CD with Prow - Leonardo Di Donato, Sysdig TBA Building the Next Generation of Release Notes for Kubernetes and Beyond - Sascha Grunert, SUSE TBA Kubernetes as a General Purpose Control Plane: Scaling on Kubernetes - Hasan Turken, Upbound TBA BoF: Introduction to Contour, A High Performance Multitenant Ingress Controller for Kubernetes - Michael Michael & Nick Young, VMware TBA CRI-O: Development Process & How to Contribute - Urvashi Mohnani & Peter Hunt, Red Hat TBA in-toto: Securing the Entire Software Supply Chain - Santiago Torres, NYU TBA Intro: Contributor Experience SIG - Jorge Castro, VMware & Bob Killen, University of Michigan TBA Notary v2 Introduction and Status Report - Justin Cormack, Docker & Omar Paul, Amazon TBA SIG Scheduling Deep Dive - Aldo Culquicondor, Google & Mike Dame, Red Hat TBA SIG Service Catalog Update - Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM & Mateusz Szostok, Kyma TBA Scaling Kubernetes Networking Beyond 100k Endpoints - Rob Scott & Minhan Xia, Google TBA Hubble - eBPF Based Observability for Kubernetes - Sebastian Wicki, Isovalent TBA The Path to Painless Multi-cluster Orchestration - Cecile Robert-Michon, Microsoft & Vince Prignano, VMware TBA 11 Ways to Disrupt Your etcd Cluster and 11 Ways to Save It - Gyuho Lee, Amazon & Wenjia Zhang, Google TBA How This Innocent Image Had a Party in My Cluster - Amir Jerbi & Itay Shakury, Aqua Security TBA Building a Distributed API Gateway with a Service Mesh - Rei Shimizu, Waseda University & Cynthia Coan, Tetrate TBA Five Great Ways to Lose Data on Kubernetes (And How to Avoid Them) - Robert Hodges, Altinity LTD TBA Tutorial: Kubernetes Runtimes: Translating your Docker skills to containerd - Bret Fisher & Jérôme Petazzoni TBA


Session: To Be Announced TBA Advanced Interactions with Kubernetes (As Taught by Helm) - Taylor Thomas, Microsoft TBA Migrating Transactions Worth Billions of $ to Service Mesh With No Downtime - Mahendra Kariya & Shishir Joshi, Gojek TBA Where to Put All That YAML: Secure Content Management for Cloud Native Apps - Ryan Abrams, Mirantis TBA Developing the Kubernetes Python Client - Scott Lee, Facebook TBA Panel: CNCF Ambassadors: Building the Cloud Native Community –  Ihor Dvoretskyi, CNCF; Kasper Nissen, Lunar; Alison Dowdney, Weaveworks; Jessica Andersson, Meltwater; & Saiyam Pathak TBA Using Kubernetes to Build Better Kubernetes Networking and Autoscaling - Ahmet Alp Balkan & Spencer Small, Google TBA Fluentd: Introduction to Cloud Native Logging - Masahiro Nakagawa & Yuta Iwama, Arm Treasure Data TBA Intro: SIG Scalability - Wojciech Tyczynski & Matt Matejczyk, Google TBA Introduction to Windows Containers in Kubernetes - MICHAEL MICHAEL, VMware & Mark Rossetti, Microsoft TBA KubeEdge: Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Framework (Intro) - Yin Ding, FutureWei TBA Kubernetes Cloud Providers are (Finally) Being Removed - Walter Fender, Google TBA Open Policy Agent Introduction - Rita Zhang, Microsoft & Patrick East, Styra TBA Save Your Services from Sneaky Snoops With SPIFFE? - Daniel Feldman & Emiliano Berenbaum, Scytale TBA Hacking on Network Sevice Mesh Dataplane for a True Multi-cloud Experience - Aleksandra Kowalska, Netcompany & Jaroslaw Lukow, Argo9 TBA Make Prometheus Use Less Memory and Restart Faster - Ganesh Vernekar, Grafana Labs TBA Building, Managing and Automating Clusters at Scale With Prow - Mike Splain, Sonos TBA Performance Optimization – Rook on Kubernetes - Mark Darnell & Ryan Tidwell, SUSE TBA Making Compliance Cloud Native - Ann Wallace & Zeal Somani, Google TBA Panel: Are Cloud Native 5G Core Network Functions (NFs) Truly Manageable & Secure? - Ramki Krishnan, VMware; Srini Addepalli, Intel; Heather Kirksey, The Linux Foundation; Tom Kivlin, Vodafone; & Balaji Ethirajulu... TBA Zero Downtime Data Relocation with Vitess - Liz van Dijk & Deepthi Sigireddi, PlanetScale TBA
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Architectural Caching Patterns for Kubernetes - Rafał Leszko, Hazelcast TBA Accelerating Drug Discovery by Competitive Cooperation Through Open Source - Bill Mulligan, Loodse & Camille Marini, Owkin TBA KinD-ly Validating Your K8s Apps Automatically Per PR - Sarah Khalife, GitHub & Grant Griffiths, Portworx TBA Burnt Out? Let’s Fix It Together - Kateryna Ivashchenko, Portworx TBA A Journey Through Kubernetes Admission Controller Taxanomy - Morgan Bauer & Srinivas Brahmaroutu, IBM TBA Pwned By Statistics: How Kubeflow & MLOps Can Help Secure Your ML Workloads - David Aronchick, Microsoft TBA Connecting CoreDNS to Envoy's Discovery Control Plane - Miek Gieben & Michael Grosser, Independent TBA Deep Dive Into Building a Secure & Multi-tenant SaaS Solution with NATS - Wally Quevedo & Phil Pennock, Synadia TBA Demystifying CI Signal: The Link Between Kubernetes Testing and Release - Jorge Alarcon Ochoa, Searchable & Stephen Augustus, VMware TBA gRPC Easy - Richard Belleville, Google TBA Introduction to Strimzi: Apache Kafka on Kubernetes - Jakub Scholz & Paolo Patierno, Red Hat TBA Kubeadm Deep Dive - Rostislav Georgiev, VMware & Rafael Lopez , SUSE TBA Kubernetes SIG Instrumentation: Instrumenting for Day Two Concerns - Frederic Branczyk, Red Hat & Marek Siarkowicz, Google TBA Automating Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance via Predictive Analysis - Steven Rosenberg, Red Hat TBA Managing a Managed Kubernetes Platform - Annegies van 't Zand & Wiender Sarup, Nationale Nederlanden TBA Do The Math: Auto-Scaling Applications with Kubernetes - Antoine Hamon, Nephely TBA Virtual Cluster - A Practical Kubernetes Hard Multi-tenancy Solution - Fei Guo, Alibaba TBA Uncharted Territories: Discovering Vulnerabilities in Public Helm Charts - Hayley Denbraver, Snyk TBA Kubernetes Storage: The Power of Portability - Saad Ali, Google TBA Kubernetes Networking Intro and Deep-Dive - TBD TBA Tutorial: Communication Is Key -- Understanding Kubernetes Networking - Jeff Poole, Vivint Smart Home TBA


Standardizing Applications For the Cloud at a Global Scale - Jared Watts, Upbound & Lei Zhang, Alibaba TBA Why We Are Choosing Cloud Native Buildpacks at GitLab - Abubakar Siddiq, GitLab TBA DevOps Patterns and Antipatterns for Continuous Software Updates - Baruch Sadogursky & Kat Cosgrove, JFrog TBA Neuro-Inclusivity: The Future of the Tech Industry - Kiran "Rin" Oliver, Independent & Leena Haque, BBC TBA The Hidden Generics in Kubernetes' API - Eirik Albrigtsen, Babylon Health TBA Enabling Multi-user Machine Learning Workflows for Kubeflow Pipelines - Yannis Zarkadas, Arrikto TBA Cluster API Deep Dive - Naadir Jeewa, VMware & Cecile Robert-Michon, Microsoft TBA CRI-O: Deep Diving into the Security - Sascha Grunert, SUSE & Daniel Walsh, Red Hat TBA Intro: Telepresence - Daniel Bryant, Datawire TBA Kubernetes SIG Auth Deep Dive - Michael Danese, Google & Mo Khan, VMware TBA Multi-Tenant Clusters with Hierarchical Namespaces - Yoshi Tamura, Google TBA Notary v2 Outstanding Issues Working Session - Justin Cormack, Docker & Steve Lasker, Microsoft TBA Simplifying Windows runtime and deployment in Kubernetes - Muzz Imam, Microsoft TBA Failure Stories From the On-premise Bare-metal World - Stephan Fudeus & David Meder-Marouelli, 1&1 Mail & Media Development & Technology GmbH TBA Operating Kubernetes at Pinterest: Past, Present and Future - Rodrigo Menezes & Roberto Rodriguez Alcala, Pinterest TBA Improving the Performance of Your Kubernetes Cluster - Priya Wadhwa, Google TBA Container Isolation via Virtualization: Don't Forget to Shrink the Guest - Dan Williams, IBM & Hsuan-Chi (Austin) Kuo, UIUC TBA OpenID Connect as SSO Solution: Strengths and Weaknesses - Álvaro Iradier, Sysdig TBA Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong – Rook/Ceph and Storage Failures - Sagy Volkov, Red Hat TBA


Panel: Kubernetes and Cloud Native Security: A State of the Union - Rags Srinivas, Snyk/InfoQ; Gareth Rushgrove, Snyk; Kirsten Newcomer, Red Hat; Scott Coulton, Microsoft; & Phil Estes, IBM TBA Panel: End User Community Adoption of Cloud Native Principles & Lessons Learned - Ken Owens, Mastercard; Lee Mills, Spotify; Smaine Kahlouch, Dailymotion; Josh Michielsen, Condé Nast; & Cheryl Hung, Cloud Native... TBA Progressive Delivery in Kubernetes - Carlos Sanchez, Adobe & Viktor Farcic, CloudBees TBA How vs Why: Asking the Right Question to Grow Your Open Source Community - Charles Pretzer, Buoyant TBA Optimized Resource Allocation in Kubernetes? Topology Manager is Here - Conor Nolan, Intel & Victor Pickard, Red Hat TBA Scalable ML Model Iteration and Skewless Features with Kubeflow and Feast - Hung-Ting Wen, Google & Zhiling Chen, Gojek TBA Advanced logging and Stream Processing with Fluent Bit - Eduardo Silva, Arm Treasure Data & Wesley Pettit, Amazon TBA CNCF SIG Network Intro & Deep-Dive - Matt Klein, Lyft & Lee Calcote, Layer5 TBA Designing a gRPC Interface for Kernel Tracing with eBPF - Leonardo Di Donato, Sysdig TBA Introduction to SIG-Cluster Lifecycle - Lubomir Ivanov , VMware & Justin Santa Barbara, Google TBA Open Policy Agent Deep Dive - Tim Hinrichs & Ash Narkar, Styra TBA Thanos: Cheap, Simple and Scalable Prometheus - Giedrius Statkevičius, Adform & Matthias Loibl, Red Hat TBA TiKV: A Cloud Native Key-Value Database - Dongxu Huang & Nick Cameron, PingCAP TBA Multicloud Vitess over Network Service Mesh - Tim Swanson, Cisco & John Watson, PlanetScale TBA Monitoring GPUs at Scale for AI/ML and HPC Clusters - Bharti L Agrawal, NVIDIA TBA 20,000 Upgrades Later: Lessons From a Year of Managed Kubernetes Upgrades - Adam Wolfe Gordon, DigitalOcean TBA Benchmarking Performance of Remote Procedure Call Frameworks in Kubernetes - Chirag Aggarwal & Iqbal Farabi, Gojek TBA In a Container, Nobody Hears Your Screams: Next Generation Process Isolation - Andrew Martin, ControlPlane TBA Capacity-aware Dynamic Volume Provisioning For LVM Local Storage - Kazuhito Matsuda & Satoru Takeuchi, Cybozu TBA Stress and Mental Health in Technology - Dr Jennifer Akullian, Growth Coaching Institute TBA Tutorial: Using BPF in Cloud Native environments - Lorenzo Fontana, Sysdig & Alban Crequy, Kinvolk TBA


Managing Applications in Production: Helm vs. ytt and kapp - Dmitriy Kalinin & Shatarupa Nandi, Pivotal TBA Turtles All The Way Down: Chasing a Network Issue Through Many Abstractions - Mike Tougeron & Tony Gosselin, Adobe TBA Next Generation of CI/CD: Analytics-driven Traffic Management on Kubernetes - Fabio Oliveira, IBM TBA 5 Things You Could Do to Improve Your Local Community - Ivan Pedrazas, InfluxData & Dominique Top, Babylon Health TBA Public Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) Meeting – Liz Rice, Aqua Security; Katie Gamanji, American Express; Saad Ali, Google; Justin Cormack, Docker; Michelle Noorali, Microsoft; & Sheng Liang, Rancher TBA Topology Aware Scheduling Using Prometheus and Telemetry Aware Scheduler - Killian Muldoon, Intel & Tom Golway, Hewlett Packard Enterprise TBA How Spotify Improved ML Productivity By Running TFX on Kubeflow Pipelines - Samuel Ngahane & Andrew Martin, Spotify TBA CloudEvents in the Real World - A Hands on Lab - Scott Nichols, VMware TBA Deep Dive: Harbor - Enterprise Cloud Native Artifact Registry - Steven Zou & Daniel Jiang, VMware TBA Minikube - Rohit Anand, NEC Corporation & Medya Ghazizadeh, Google TBA Prometheus Deep Dive - Goutham Veeramachaneni, Grafana Labs & Bartłomiej Płotka, Red Hat TBA Rook Deep Dive: Ceph & EdgeFS - Travis Nielsen, Red Hat & Dmitry Yusupov, High Peak Data TBA SIG Usability: Unifying the Experience for the Kubernetes User - Gaby Moreno Cesar, IBM & Pamel Shinh , VMware TBA CoreDNS for Hybrid and Multi-cloud - Yong Tang, MobileIron TBA Turn It Up to a Million: Ingesting Millions of Metrics with Thanos Receive - Lucas Servén Marín, Red Hat TBA Kubernetes DNS Horror Stories (And How to Avoid Them) - Laurent Bernaille, Datadog TBA What You Didn’t Know About Ingress Controllers’ Performance - Mikko Ylinen & Ismo Puustinen, Intel TBA Securing Ada Health’s Microservices with OPA - Martin Pratt, Ada Health & Ash Narkar, Styra TBA Cloudstate—Towards Stateful Serverless - Jonas Bonér & James Roper, Lightbend TBA


Toolchains Behind Successful Kubernetes Development Workflows - L Körbes, Tilt TBA Enabling E2E Observability via Open Source in 5G Telco CNFs - Tamas Zsiros & Henrik Saavedra Persson, Ericsson TBA Lowest Common Denominator: Using Volumes for API Compatibility - Christie Wilson & Billy Lynch, Google TBA Organising Your Own Kubernetes Community Day - Daniel Paulus, Fullstaq TBA Implementing Predictive Scaling for Deployments Based on Machine Learning - Janakiram MSV, Janakiram & Associates TBA Taming Data/State Challenges for ML Applications and Kubeflow - Skyler Thomas, Hewlett Packard Enterprise TBA An introduction to Helm - Bridget Kromhout, Microsoft & Reinhard Nägele, codecentric AG TBA Birds of a Feather: CNCF Project Maintainers - Amye Scavarda Perrin, Cloud Native Computing Foundation TBA Cloud-Native Application Delivery Landscape Update (Deep-Dive) - Alois Reitbauer, Dynatrace & Lei Zhang, Alibaba TBA Deep Dive: CNI - Bryan Boreham, Weaveworks & Piotr Skamruk, Travelping TBA Jaeger Deep Dive - Pavol Loffay, Red Hat TBA Vitess Deep Dive: Deployment Design - Dan Kozlowski & Andres Taylor, PlanetScale TBA Design Choices Behind Making gRPC Available on Web Platforms - Wenbo Zhu, Google TBA Stateless Fluentd with Kafka - Steven McDonald, Usabilla TBA Banking on Kubernetes, the Hard Way, in Production - Miles Bryant & Suhail Patel, Monzo Bank TBA CoreDNS and OPA for Policy-based, Multi-tenant Kubernetes Service Discovery - John Belamaric, Google & Torin Sandall, Styra TBA Using Argo and Knative to Orchestrate Media-intensive Services in 5G Edge - David Breitgand, IBM TBA Compliance the Hard Way: Navigating Complex Regulatory Policy with Linkerd - Christian Hüning, finleap connect GmbH TBA Birds of a Feather: Telecom User Group - Dan Kohn, CNCF & Taylor Carpenter, Vulk Coop TBA Tutorial: KubeEdge Hands on Workshop -- Build Your Edge AI App on Real Edge Devices - Zefeng Wang, Huawei & Zhang Jie, China Unicom TBA


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Scaling Telepresence Across Your Organization - Abhay Saxena, Datawire TBA How Brazilian FinTechs Protect their Kubernetes Clusters with Project Velero - Alexandre Stratikopoulos, VMware & Felipe Castro, PagSeguro S.A. TBA Managing Multi-Cluster/Multi-Tenant Kubernetes with GitOps - Chris Carty, Independent TBA From Infrastructure Bro to Hacker Chick: A Cloud Native Journey - Kris Nóva, Sysdig TBA Kubernetes Leader Election for fun and Profit - Nick Young, VMware TBA SpoK - Running Big Data Applications @ Scale on K8s - Srivathsan Canchi & Nagaraj Janardhana, Intuit TBA Deep Dive into Autoscaling - Marcin Wielgus & Joe Burnett, Google TBA Intro + Deep Dive - Provider IBM Cloud - Sahdev Zala & Khalid Ahmed, IBM TBA KubeVirt Intro – Using KubeVirt to Run VMs at Scale - Fabian Deutsch, Red Hat & Marcus Sorensen, Apple TBA Low Latency Location Based Service Routing - Bharath Thiruveedula & Shubhendu Poothia, Verizon TBA Beyond Hello World: When Aren't Logs Enough - Isobel Redelmeier, LightStep TBA Reimagining the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid on Kubernetes - Danika MacDonell, University of Victoria & Alessandra Forti, University of Manchester TBA The Common Configuration Scoring System for Kubernetes Security - Julien Sobrier, Octarine TBA Going Containerless with WebAssembly - Kevin Hoffman, Capital One TBA Scaling Services with Envoy, One Cell At a Time - David Bell, Amazon TBA Kubernetes Community Days Overview - Kristi Tan, Cloud Native Computing Foundation & Jennifer Davis, Microsoft TBA Tutorial: Hands-On Intro to Cloud-Native CI/CD with Tekton - Jan Kleinert, Red Hat TBA


Simplify Your Cloud Native Application Packaging and Deployments - Chris Crone, Docker TBA Sharing Clusters: Learnings From Building a Namespace On-Demand Platform - Lukas Gentele, DevSpace Technologies Inc. TBA DevOps Performance From a Different Dataset: What 30M Workflows Reveal - Michael Stahnke, CircleCI TBA Open Infrastructure Momentum: What's Happening and Why It Matters - Robert Cathey, Cathey.co TBA CRDs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Gotchas and Best Practices - Dave Protasowski, VMware & Matt Moore, VMware TBA How to Use Kubernetes to Build a Data Lake for AI Workloads - Peter MacKinnon & Uday Boppana, Red Hat TBA ComponentConfig Technical Challenges - Michael Taufen, Google & Alexander Knipping, Noris Network TBA Intro to Longhorn: Open Source Cloud-Native Storage For K8s - Sheng Yang, Rancher Labs TBA Provider vSphere: All Things vSphere Working Group - David vonThenen & Fabio Rapposelli, VMware TBA K8s in the Datacenter: Integrating with Preexisting Bare Metal Environments - Max Stritzinger, Bloomberg TBA OpenTelemetry Auto-Instrumentation Deep Dive - Carlos Alberto Cortez & Alex Boten, LightStep TBA Autoscaling and Cost Optimization on Kubernetes: From 0 to 100 - Guy Templeton, Skyscanner & Jiaxin Shan, Amazon TBA Using Kubernetes Secrets in GitOps Workflows Securely - Seth Vargo & Alex Tcherniakhovski, Google TBA Serverless Integration on Kubernetes with Apache Camel K - Nicola Ferraro, Red Hat TBA Service Mesh and Serverless Chatbots with Linkerd, K8s and OpenFaas - Sergio Méndez, Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala TBA


Sharing Is Caring! Push Your Cloud Application to an OCI Registry - Silvin Lubecki & Djordje Lukic, Docker TBA Lesson Learned on Running Hadoop on Kubernetes - Chen Qiang, LinkedIn TBA Booting 5 K8s Clusters on Every Git Push: How Linkerd Leveled Up Its CI - Andrew Seigner, Buoyant TBA Panel: Navigating Your Career in Open Source - Megan Bigelow & Rachel Leekin, VMware; James Munnelly, Jetstack; Ria Bhatia, Microsoft; & Faz Sadeghi, Red Hat TBA Dynamic Configuration with ComponentConfig and the Control Loop - Chris Hein, Apple & Leigh Capili, Weaveworks TBA Democratizing AI with Open Source Machine Learning Workflows - Johnny Burns, Lyft TBA CNCF Serverless WG: CloudEvents and Serverless Workflow Updates - Tihomir Surdilovic, Red Hat TBA Episode IV: A New Network Service Mesh - Frederick Kautz, Doc.ai & Nikolay Nikolaev, VMware TBA Introduction Cloud Provider OpenStack - Christoph Glaubitz, Innovo & Anusha Ramineni, NEC TBA Peeling Back the Layers of Cluster DNS - Pavithra Ramesh & Zihong Zheng, Google TBA Migrating to OpenTelemetry From a Custom Distributed Tracing Pipeline - Francis Bogsanyi, Shopify TBA No More Chaos: Build Discoverable and Manageable CRD + Operator in Prod - Kai Shi, Alibaba TBA Controllers at Chaos - Kesavan Subramanian & Gaurav Gupta, SAP TBA Where Are Your Images Running? Stop Worrying and Start Encrypting! - Brandon Lum & Harshal Patil, IBM TBA Strangling Our Venue-management Monolith At DX With Kubernetes and OpenFaaS - Christian Sakshaug, Dialog eXe (DX) & Alex Ellis, OpenFaaS Ltd TBA Tutorial: From Notebook to Kubeflow Pipelines with HP Tuning: A Data Science Journey - Sarah Maddox, Google; Stefano Fioravanzo & Ilias Katsakioris, Arrikto TBA


Magic K8s-Ball: The Answers to Operating Mission-critical Apps - Janet Kuo & Morten Torkildsen, Google TBA Integrating Kubernetes with HPC Environments at Oak Ridge National Lab - Jason Kincl, Oak Ridge National Laboratory TBA Where's My Container? Visualizing the GitOps Container Journey at Microsoft - Andre Briggs & Samiya Akhtar, Microsoft TBA How to Work in Cloud Native Security: Demystifying the Security Role - Justin Cormack, Docker TBA Elephant on Wheels: Petabyte-scale AI @ LinkedIn - Cong Gu & Abin Shahab, LinkedIn TBA Kubeflow 1.0 Update by a Kubeflow Community Product Manager - Josh Bottum, Arrikto TBA CNCF SIG Storage – An Intro to Cloud Native Storage - Alex Chircop, StorageOS & Erin Boyd, Red Hat TBA Deep Dive into Cloud Provider for Azure - Andy Zhang & Ernest Wong, Microsoft TBA Deep dive into Helm - Scott Rigby, Codeacademy & Paul Czarkowski, Pivotal TBA OpenEBS 101: Hyperconverged Kubernetes Native Storage - Kiran Mova & Vishnu Itta, MayaData TBA eBPF and Kubernetes: Little Helper Minions for Scaling Microservices - Daniel Borkmann, Cilium TBA Observability at Scale: Running OpenTelemetry Across an Enterprise - Jonah Back & Kranti Vikram, Intuit TBA Help! Please Rescue Not-ready Nodes Immediately - Xiaoyu Zhang, Alibaba & Di Xu, Ant Financial TBA The Critical Chain: A Tale About Mission Critical Systems on Naval Vessels - Daniël van Gils, Thales Group - The Netherlands TBA Threat Modelling: Securing Kubernetes Infrastructure & Deployments - Rowan Baker, ControlPlane TBA Sending Billions of Payments Using Hybrid Cloud and Open-source Technologies - Edward Wilde & Bruno Miguel Custódio, Form3 TBA